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Hiking Gear Clothing

Men's Seamless Long Sleeve Base Layer Top

Model:Style O6
- Bamboo 40%, Polyamide 54%, Elastane 5%
- The bamboo fibres bring a variety of natural benefits; their hollow fibres are breathable, moisture wicking, anti-bacterial, and are also able to block out a large proportion of harmful UV rays.
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- Highly air permeable
- Quick drying
- Lightweight
- Naturally deodorising
- Raglan sleeves
- Thumb loops
- Low bulk seams
- Offer  all the technical performance of synthetic fabric, but with the comfortable look and feel of a soft cotton.
- Each piece has been woven with a 3D knitted construction, where each individual area of performance can be easily identified by the design of the knit.
- Suitable for use all year round the Barneo range of baselayer clothing performs well in all temperatures, making them a great choice for summer travels, winter walks and all the seasons inbetween.

Our hiking gear clothing is made from a premium blend of materials, including this top of 40% bamboo, 54% polyamide and 5% elastane, a combination that ensures comfort and durability.

Bamboo fibers bring a variety of natural benefits; their hollow fibers are breathable, wick away moisture and are antibacterial, while blocking most harmful UV rays. This makes this hiking gear clothing ideal for extended outdoor activities, protecting your skin from sun damage and keeping you dry and comfortable.

In addition, the combination of polyamide and elastane provides excellent elasticity and durability, making the garment adaptable and stretch-resistant.

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